What Customers Say

Quality. Performance. Durability. Classic style. Customers have been telling us for years that the Daisy doormat is special. That’s why they buy a Daisy for every door of their home.

In fact, we once sold $1 million of AstroTurf® mats on TV in just one day.

Don’t take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say!

“Well worth the money. I bought two of these mats about seven years ago. I just can’t believe how long they have lasted, and I can’t imagine ever being without them. I will buy more.”

“With a house with eight dogs – what can I say? These mats are fantastic. They trap all the dirt before the dogs have a chance to drag it onto my light wood floors.”

“These are the best!! I have them at every door!! 

“I have five of them and still am finding places for them. I love them so much the thought crossed my mind to piece them as carpet in my mud room.”

“I have been searching for mats like these for a long time. They clean off shoes better than any other kind. They do what they say and to me that’s important when I buy a product.”

“Amazing mats.  I replaced all the mats that were doing nothing with these. They are amazing. No more dirt around the entrance.”

“Mats are really worth the money.  They really last and catch all the dirt on your shoes and pets’ paws.”

“Fantastic!  I am so glad that I got these! They cut down on the amount of dirt that gets tracked into my house. Great product!”

“Great doormats.  Great price, color choice and size. No need to look elsewhere

“Amazing.  These mats are the best mats I have ever owned. I am amazed at how well they work, and just how much dirt they can actually hold.”

“Wow, I LOVE these door mats! When I received them I put one by the front door and one by the sliding glass door, I hardly have to sweep or vacuum. If you have pets, GET ONE! They are so wonderful!”

“Love them.  This was my second purchase of these mats. We live on a farm and the dirt and sand they collect is a life saver. Just wish that they were longer.”

“We’ve had the same large AstroTurf® mats for 30 years… I’m going to splurge and get new ones.”