Clean and Easy

By and large, “more complicated” doesn’t translate to “more clean.” So I go out of my way to make tasks as simple as possible.

Here are three of my favorite tips to make cleaning easy:

061108AlkaSeltzerFizzBubble Power for the Toilet: One of the simplest, most effortless ways to clean the toilet is to let fizzy antibacterial denture cleaner do the work for you! Just drop a couple of tablets (Efferdent, Polident, etc.) into your toilet bowl, let the bubbles work their magic for 20-30 minutes, and then flush. (For pesky stains or rings, also give the bowl a quick brush.) That’s it!

Streak-Free Windows: There’s a long-running debate about the best cleaning material – some say paper towels, others swear by newspaper. My mom uses coffee filters, which I’ll admit do give a lovely shine. For me, the trick is a professional squeegee and ZEP glass cleaner (ammonia-free concentrate, not pre-mixed). Use one fluid, circular sweep to take water away from the corners and then down, and you’ll have gorgeous streak-free window – better than any window washer could do! (Oh, and wait for an overcast day to clean: while sunlight draws your eye to the window, it can also leave streaks.)

Clean the Dishwasher: It’s easy to overlook cleaning the cleaners – but so important to do! Next time you’ve got an empty dishwasher, pour a cup of white distilled vinegar in and run it on the hottest cycle possible. It’ll be squeaky clean and ready for a spot-free load the next time around.

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