Daisy’s Home


I’m Daisy. Well, actually my nickname is “Daisy.”

Fifty years ago, my mom had a hand in creating the “Daisy” doormat, the original AstroTurf® scraper mat. When I was a kid, mom called me “her little daisy” because I, like the mat, helped her so much around the house. The name stuck.

Today I’m a mom of three kids, two dogs and a husband – none of whom have yet to master the art of picking up after oneself. And, as is true for most women I know, I struggle to balance the joys of kids, work, family, home, self, life.

Chaos could easily reign here, with the seven of us in and out of this place about a thousand times a day, usually with school stuff and sports stuff and life stuff in tow. But I won’t let it.

Home is my sanctuary… and I am the glue that keeps it all together. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Not for a second.

I do, however, want it to be tidy. (A girl’s gotta have limits, you know.)

So I carry on my mom’s traditions. I clean. And organize. And strategize. And prioritize and manage and clean some more. Generally, I just try to stay just a couple steps ahead of everyone – and their stuff.

I’ve developed some great household management tips along the way – from juggling to organizing to decorating to feeding the family on a budget – and am thrilled to share them with you.

As an example: The best way to get the home clean is to keep dirt out to begin with! (That’s where my Daisy doormat comes into play.)

I bet you have some tricks to share, too.

So wipe your feet, pull up a seat and join the conversation over on Facebook, where you’re more than welcome. I’ll have a cup of tea or glass of wine waiting for you.

xo, Daisy